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Botanic Garden

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On the northwest outskirt of Addis Ababa, at the hill foot of Entoto pes a green landscape mostly dominated by Juniperus procera in the premises of its cultivated zone extending towards the scenic forest replacing Eucalyptus globulus trees once widely dominated the garden. Gullele Botanic Garden the first of its kind in Ethiopia has set four major objectives viz Conservation, Research, Ecological education and Ecotourism. The botanic garden has been exerting unreserved efforts so as to meet these objectives since its inception that dates back less than a decade.

Partial view of Gullele botanic garden

Apart from the numerous infrastructure developments pke the construction of access road, facipty center buildings , water dam, fence, green house, pond and others, the botanic garden has been engaged with collecting various plant species from different ecological zones of the country. This could be demonstrated by looking at the growing range of species diversity that has reached over seven hundred about two hundred of which being insitu registered and the remaining collected from different parts of Ethiopia